• Our benefitting from well-reputed, hardworking and knowledgeable instructors and staff results in your success.

  • Children's English Test according to CEFR

  • Most up-to-date equipment in our intelligent classes and educational environment

  • Junior English Test according to CEFR

  • High-tech and smart devices to elevate our students to world class standards

  • Adults' Elementary English Test according to CEFR

Branches and educational partners

Gooyesh's branches are located everywhere which makes it easy and accessible by public transportation. All our branches are equipped with proper light, standard ventilation, official and educational areas, a library to provide the learners with the most up-to-date materials.

  • Head Office
    The head office works as the brain for the body. All the plans, decisions, schedules, courses, syllabuses, assessments, instructors and staff recruitment, rules and regulations and instructor training and evaluations are made and administered under the strict supervision of this office.
    Nourbaran Intersection, Bozorgmehr St., Isfahan, Iran031-32646352, 031-32646353
    ManagerMr. M. SabetrasekhOffice staffMs. B. Mousavi, Ms. N. Nematollahi, Ms. T. Abbasi
    AccountantMs. F. Mirzaie, Mr. A. Shakour
  • Saadatabad
    Nooraeian Alley, Saadatabad St., Isfahan, Iran031-36610689
    ManagerMr. R. AzmoonOffice staffMs. M. Kianmehr
    LibrarianMr. F. KabiriJanitorMr. E. Baghaie
  • Nourbaran
    Nourbaran Intersection, Bozorgmehr St., Isfahan, Iran031-32671649
    ManagerMr. M. AbualiOffice staffMs. E. Shafie
    LibrarianMs. F. MahyariJanitorMr. M. Rahimi
  • Parvin
    Sabahi Intersection, Parvin St., Isfahan, Iran031-32298684
    ManagerMr. M.A. AlizadehOffice staffMs. Z. Jafari, Ms. F. Sharifi
    LibrarianMs. Z. MahmoudiehJanitorMr. F. Mahmoudi
  • Darvazeh Tehran
    Gaaz Alley, Darvazeh Tehran Square, Isfahan, Iran031-33363826
    ManagerMr. A.H. GhasemiOffice staffMs. F. Daghigh, Mr. A. Zamani
    LibrarianMr. A. ZamaniJanitorMr. A. Rahimi
  • Baharestan
    Olfat St., Baharestan, Isfahan, Iran031-36819876
    ManagerMs. M. MostafaieOffice staffMs. Sh. Mohseni
    LibrarianMs. A. KahsafarJanitorMr. R. Ramezani
  • Malekshahr 2
    Baharestan St., Malekshahr, Isfahan, Iran031-34412902
    ManagerMs. B. AsgharzadehOffice staffMs. F. Zariholhosseini, Ms. P. Daliri
    LibrarianMs. F. ZariholhosseiniJanitorMr. D. Gharibi
  • Ava 1
    South Laleh St., Isfahan, Iran031-34461030
    ManagerMr. H. SalehiOffice staffMs. Sh. Mirtayaie
    LibrarianMs. S. SavadkouhiJanitorMr. A. Ghodsi
  • Gooya
    Attar Intersection, Shahinshahr, Isfahan, Iran031-45320276
    ManagerMr. H. MahmoudiOffice staffMs. S. Heidari
    JanitorMr. A. Reiesi
  • Kavosh
    Kaveh St., Isfahan, Iran031-34431412
    ManagerMr. M. DaneshmandOffice staffMs. R. Aghaie
    LibrarianMs. Gh. RezapourJanitorMr. M. Johari
  • Hozeh Honari
    Amadegah St., Isfahan, Iran031-32209595
    Manager-Office staffMs. F. Ghasemi
  • Apadana
    Apadana Intersection031-36413870
    ManagerMr. A. MoradianOffice staffMs. F. Akbari, Ms. M. Jannesari
    LibrarianMs. E. ZarepourJanitorMr. Gh. Botshekan
  • Jey
    Hamedanian Intersection, Jey St., Isfahan, Iran031-35242861
    ManagerMs. N. AfzalOffice staffMr. Y. Hendi, Ms. E. Akbari
    LibrarianMr. Y. HendiJanitorMr. H. Rahimi
  • Abshar
    Second Abshar St., Isfahan, Iran031-36414139
    ManagerMs. Gh. JavanmardOffice staffMs. R. Tousi
    JanitorMr. E. Hassani
  • Malekshahr 1
    Baharestan St., Malekshahr, Isfahan, Iran031-34405656
    ManagerMr. M. DaneshmandOffice staffMr. M.S. Kavezadeh
    LibrarianMr. A. EbrahimiJanitorMr. H. Karimi
  • Ava 2
    Keshavarz Blvd., Isfahan, Iran031-37753046
    ManagerMr. A. ForoutanOffice staffMs. R. Afkaneh
    LibrarianMr. E. AfsharnezhadJanitorMr. H. Rahimi
  • Kalam
    Jahad Intersection, Isfahan, Iran031-37720829
    ManagerMr. M. GoogoonaniOffice staffMs. N. Hadian
    JanitorMr. I. Rahimi