• Our benefitting from well-reputed, hardworking and knowledgeable instructors and staff results in your success.

  • Children's English Test according to CEFR

  • Most up-to-date equipment in our intelligent classes and educational environment

  • Junior English Test according to CEFR

  • High-tech and smart devices to elevate our students to world class standards

  • Adults' Elementary English Test according to CEFR

Gooyesh is highly committed to high quality educational service to its students through careful and systematic employment of its instructors and personnel.
The applicants are to go through the following steps:
  • 1. Fill out the online forms.
  • 2. Applicants will be invited for the exams.
  • 3. After passing the exams, interviews will be held.
  • 4. After the interviews, the required training courses will be held.
  • 5. After passing the courses, the applicant will be required to have demo presentations according to the job they applied for.
  • 6. Applicants with acceptable performances will be hired then.
Forms to Fill