• Our benefitting from well-reputed, hardworking and knowledgeable instructors and staff results in your success.

  • Most up-to-date equipment in our intelligent classes and educational environment

  • High-tech and smart devices to elevate our students to world class standards

  • Practice makes perfect!

  • Gooyesh Institute

    Education has faced a big deal of changes in the recent decades. Growing tendency towards higher education, academic certificates, and acquiring specific skills in communication all show the importance of learning languages. And this is the need Gooyesh has met all throughout many years. We have done our best to give the businessmen, students, and experts all they need to get promoted in their academic and professional life.

    About Gooyesh
  • Students Control Center

    With Gooyesh's vast geographical presence, it has been truly essential for Gooyesh and its students to use an internet website. Gooyesh started its website in 2008. All Gooyesh students can access their personal page on our website knowing their scores, their current term status, registration status, and messages. Our mobile application is also available for those who prefer to receive the service on their smart phones.

  • Online Courses

    Along with the evolution of information technology and the growing demand for online education, Gooyesh has designed a series of online courses for the applicants looking for them. Students of all levels can attend the online classes gaining the new and efficient experience of online education. Our online classes offer an appropriate online service with our highly skilled instructors providing the students with high quality learning.

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  • 26 years of Experience
  • 16 branches and educational partners
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Modern educational equipment
  • With technology
  • Online services
  • Constant evaluation
  • With parents

For registration, all applicants are to go through the following steps.
Required documents:
After filling out the application form, these documents are to be handed in.
- Photo of ID card
- A passport photo
- Payment receipt
All new applicants who have studied Eglish anytime and anywhere will need to take a placement test. The test includes written and oral exams. After both and based on the applicants language abilities, his/her level will be decided on. following this step the preferred time, branch and class will be chosen by the student and a text message of the his/her class info will be sent afterwards.

  • Years of experience and contact with students and their parents have given us the chance to create a useful list of frequently asked questions and their answers. This list will help you to find out possible answers to your possible questions.

  • Due to the vast variety of our services including books, SMS system, online facilities, etc, users are provided with some guides ti optimize their use. This series of guides is at handy here. There you go!!!

  • Academic schedules are of great importance in Gooyesh. We do our best to design the most precise and efficient timetable at the beginning of every year and light our timing path to our students.

    Academic Calendar
Gooyesh News
  • Children and Junior English Test results announced
    Sunday, 27 Jun 2021

    The certificates of the CET and JET are now issued and available for the candidates. Therefore, the candidates can now refer to their own page on Gooyesh website and download the certificates.

  • Diploma Exam for Junior Courses
    Thursday, 27 May 2021

    Students who have finished their Junior levels successfully can now register and apply for their Diploma. To get more information on the JET or the related course, you can contact us via 36637372 by phone.

  • Children English Test results announced
    Wednesday, 07 Apr 2021

    The certificates of the first round of the CET are now issued and available for the candidates. Therefore, the candidates can now refer to their own page on Gooyesh website and download the certificates.

What do students and their parents think of Gooyesh?
  • Student at Sadatabad Branch, GAL

    "To anyone who looks for a language institute, I would say "don't give it a second thought, just study at Gooyesh and feel a real language learning atmosphere."

  • Student at Parvin Branch, GAL

    "Studying at Gooyesh encourages you to engage in collaborative learning with other students and academic staff. The constant exchange of ideas makes us ready for a truly diversified environment, especially in learning the values and beliefs of other students and instructors who come from all over Esfahan and from different families."

  • Graduate Student from Apadana Branch

    "For me, studying at Gooyesh was a very enriching experience which gave me both personal and professional advancements. After earning my degree I received a promotion and higher status in my company."