• Our benefitting from well-reputed, hardworking and knowledgeable instructors and staff results in your success.

  • Children's English Test according to CEFR

  • Most up-to-date equipment in our intelligent classes and educational environment

  • Junior English Test according to CEFR

  • High-tech and smart devices to elevate our students to world class standards

  • Adults' Elementary English Test according to CEFR

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much is the tuition fee?

    The tuition fee is every year decided on by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. This year, the ranges from 5900000 to 9000000 Iranian Rials at different branches at different levels.

  • Why is the tuition fee different at different branches?

    The difference is caused by the number of the students at the classes, branch expenses, equipment, and the geographical location of the branches.

  • What documents are needed for registration?

    New applicants need:

    - a copy of their ID

    - a passport photo

    - the receipt of their paid tuition fee

    - the application form (filled)


    Current students need:

    - the receipt of their paid tuition fee

  • Why should we take a placement test?

    In order to study at the proper level, all new applicants need to take the placement test. This will help the new students to attend the classes in the most efficient way.

  • Are there any discounts?

    A certain group of students may use discounts. This group includes the ones whose parents are employed at the Governmental Department of Education, or the ones who are employed at the organizations which signed a discount contract with Gooyesh. The low-income families may also benefit some sort of discount.

  • Is there any guarantee for success in Gooyesh?

    We have always done our best to hire the most skilled and experienced instructors. Also, all our branches are well-equipped with the most up-to-date devices and tools for teaching and learning. Thus, if the students also do their best, their learning will be guaranteed.

  • Will any certificates be offered to the graduates?

    If one passes all courses successfully, Gooyesh Diploma will be issued.

  • Are the instructors highly educated?

    The majority of the instructors in Gooyesh either have a master’s degree or study for that. However, to be hired in Gooyesh, no university degrees are required.

  • What facilities and equipment does Gooyesh have?

    LED displays, computers, library, access to internet, ….

  • What are the refund policies?

    Having registered for a course, you can only cancel and get a refund with 10% deduction up until 72 office hours before the course begins.

  • What should we do if we can’t attend the final exam?

    Is you can’t attend the final exam, a reasonable reason must be expressed to the branch manager 48 hours in advance. If accepted, you could have the chance to take part in the delayed exam held in certain branches.

  • Do Gooyesh courses help the students in the process of entering university?

    The experience of the active students in Gooyesh shows a great rate of success in universities’ entrance exam. The love of language learning in students of Gooyesh is so much that they even choose to study in majors related to English in the university.

  • Does Gooyesh teach only conversation?

    Our system believes that for communication in a language, structures, vocabularies, and all the other aspects of a language are to be learned. Thus, our focus, here in Gooyesh, is on the students’ speaking ability. Using this ability, the students are motivated to learn the other skills as well.

  • What does TPM mean? What is it for?

    TPM stands for Teachers Parents Meeting. Once is each term, parents of the younger students and the students of higher ages themselves are invited to talk to the instructors in person. This session is a chance for the instructors and the parents (students) to identify the weaknesses and strengths. The parents (students) will also get more acquainted with the most up-to-date methods of language teaching and learning and study skills.

  • What is iPen? What is it for?

    Nowadays, a lot of parents and students are looking for new educational tools and devices. Meanwhile, parents prefer the devices which make the students more independent from their peers and also parents. Therefore, Gooyesh Press has introduced one great smart device called iPen to the market. This is the newest in the world of language learning devices. It truly stimulates students’ creativity is a short time.

  • Does Gooyesh have private classes?

    Our priority is to have public classes. Is one wants to take a private class, a contract must be signed, and Gooyesh will arrange the time and the instructor.

  • Does Gooyesh offer any prizes to the top students?

    In order to motivate the students, Gooyesh offers a credit prize to the top students of each class. This credit could be used to purchase any items in the bookstores of the branches.

  • What qualifications are needed to be hired as an office staff in Gooyesh?

    The applicants need to fill out the form on Gooyesh website. They also need to have the proper computer and language skills to work in our offices. Appropriate public relations modest look are also the qualities the applicants need to have. After the exam for employment, they will need to take part in the training course and pass it successfully.

  • What qualifications are needed to be hired as an instructor in Gooyesh?

    The applicants need to fill out the form on Gooyesh website. After passing the exams and interviews successfully, attendance in the Instructors Training Course and passing it successfully will be needed.

  • What items are included in the overall score?

    The passing score is 75 out of 100. This includes 10 for class attendance (CA), 20 for class improvement (IM), 20 for midterm exam (MT), 30 for the final exam (FE), and 20 for the oral test (OT).

  • What is IELTS?

    International English Language Testing System (IELTS), taken by the ones who aim to immigrate to work or study in English speaking countries and universities, is a test to evaluate applicants’ language ability. IELTS is valid in over 10000 universities, immigration institutions, and governmental agencies in the world.

    IELTS follows the highest international testing standards in English and evaluates applicants’ Writing, Speaking, Reading and Speaking ability.

  • How can we register online on ourselves?

    Using their username and password, the applicants can enter their personal page on our website and the registration tab. Having read the agreed with the rules and regulation, applicants can click on “Pay” and after inserting their debit card information and successful payment their registration will be done. After a successful registration a message containing the course information will be sent either to their or their parents’ cellphone.

    The new applicants can also create their own personal page on our website using the forms on our homepage.

  • Are the instructors and the methods the same in different branches?

    All our instructors are hired through our Instructors Training Course and the quality of their work is checked by constant observations. Thus, they all possess the required qualifications and work at different branches of Gooyesh from time to time.

  • When is the Diploma Exam held? What are the sources for that?

    The Diploma Exam is held every six mother at the end of summer and winter. If the applicant mater the advanced levels and books of Gooyesh, they will succeed.

  • I forgot my password. What Should I do?

    You can click on “Forgot your password” and receive a new one by filling out the required form.

  • How can we access to Gooyesh’s timing schedule?

    Download our Academic Calendar from our homepage.  

  • How can we criticize or give new suggestions?

    You can express your ideas through our email address or “Contact Us.” Our Head Office is also available for your phone calls.

  • Can we teach after receiving Gooyesh Diploma?

    If the employment exams for teaching is passed successfully, yes.

  • What is the best age to start learning English?

    A big number of experts believe the lower the age is, the better and more successful learning will be in the following years. Therefore, Gooyesh is holding classes for kids four years of age and above.  

  • How long does it take to be able to talk well?

    Since second or foreign language learning needs a lot of exercise, if the students are active enough, they will be able to talk well at the intermediate levels.