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Online Courses

Online learning has been a growing trend of education in the recent years. Thanks to the high-tech devices, it has now gained the momentum to compete with the traditional methods of teaching and learning.

Language learning, like other fields of educations, does now know the importance of online learning. Although online learning brings about a number of benefits to the students, it also reveals some downsides alongside.



  • Being economically efficient
  • Flexible personal learning
  • Better time management and placelessness
  • Sustainability with nature
  • And most important of all is providing the applicants with time and environmental limitations with a chance to learn what they want.



  • Lack of some applicants’ proper IT knowledge
  • Lack of equipment
  • Lack of decent and enough face-to-face interaction
  • Lack of maximum concentration
  • Lack of maximum teacher supervision
  • And the most important of all is the lack of students’ full motivation in contrast to in-classroom learning.


Due to the fact that language learning should be constant and nonstop, and taking all ups, downs, expectations and experts’ ideas in to account, Gooyesh has prepared the proper ground for applicants to experience online learning with its optimal efficiency.

Not only our approach, but also students’ and parents’ is of great importance in the success of language learning. Thus paying attention to the following points plays an important role in your success.


In/For online classes:

1. The students can attend the class using a smartphone or a computer with a webcam at the certain time of the class. But some tasks can JUST be done with a computer.

2. An up-to-date browswer is a must. Our experience shows that Google Chrome has a better performance.

3. In order to have a better connection, it is highly suggested that the student be the only internet user at that time.

4. Students’ class activity is highly important in these classes. Thus, the instructors will frequently ask questions and interact with the students.

5. Students’ independence and self-study play a great role. Thus, all students are required to be prepared and so the tasks which are sent to them through Gooyesh website and application carefully and within the time limits.

6. Online courses have the same number of sessions of in-person courses. Since this is online, more time in the class is devoted to speaking and interaction. Therefore, the students are meant to study and learn a lot of the material by doing the tasks before and after their sessions.

7. The tasks have big portion of the total score. Thus, not only doing them but also doing them carefully is of importance.

8. Scoring and final evaluation is done as the following:

- Class Attendance: 10 points

- Class Activity: 20 points

- Tasks: 30 points

- Oral Final Exam: 40 points

9. Being present and on time is really essential. For each absence 2 points and for each tardiness 1 point will be deducted from their Class Attendance score. Having 4 cases of absence and more will block students’ progress.

10. Following the dress code norms is a rule.

11. Course change or cancellation is only possible 72 office hours before the beginning of the term.

12 Respect to the members of the class and the rules, constant participation to the class, not using the mother tongue in the class, and maintaining the discipline are the professional duties of all students.

13. For Children, parents’ company to give technical help when needed is highly appreciated.

14. All written, audio, etc. material must be prepared before the class, so everything is at your reach when needed.

15. Practicing with the CDs/DVDs and generally audio and video files has always been important in language learning. The following steps are to be followed while practicing the audios:

- Play the file. / Books closed. / Just listen.

- Play the file. / Books closed. / repeat the sentences one by one.

- Play the file. / Books open. / Check your repetition with the text.

- Play the file. / Books closed. / Listen and repeat.

16. Online courses are one of the learning options. Thus, the students can progress their learning using going through both options of online and in-person learnings.